How does Mix Oil Defense work?

It all starts with your pet's digestion. Ever heard the saying ‘We are what we eat’? That's true for our pets too! With just a few sprays of Mix Oil Defense in your pet's food or water, you will boost your pet's immune system, regulate their digestion and provide them a shinier coat and healthy skin. 

 So what does this mean? 

  • Boosts your furry friend's immune system
    • Helps combat infectious diseases and acts as a natural antibiotic
    • Reduces inflammation of joints due to aging or degenerative diseases
  • Promotes healthier and regular digestion
    • Reduces bad breath and supports dental care
    • Improves smell and appearance of stool
    • Reduces unpleasant side effects of medications
    • Helps restore positive gut bacteria 
  • Improves fur and skin appearance 
    • Promotes healthier hair regrowth
    • Protect skin from seasonal allergies and supports pet's suffering from dermatitis.

Not convinced yet? Mix Oil Defense relaxing and sedative properties, have also shown results in helping pet's who suffer from stress and anxiety, So what are you waiting for you? Order Mix Oil Defense today, and replace the powders, tubes, pills, and messy containers with our innovative and practical spray bottle. 

Mix Oil Defense comes in 2 delicious natural flavors, crafted with our pet’s favorite treats in mind. 


Mix Oil is certified to the USDA ORGANIC REGULATIONS. All active ingredients are in accordance with EC 1831/2003 and its improvements related to the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe). They are safe for pets to consume without side effects and are ideal for senior dogs and cats.