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As pet lovers our first thought is ‘How do I keep my pet healthy and happy’. We invest money, time and effort to make sure our pet has everything they need to make them feel good. With so many choices out there, it’s hard to find the right answers. At Mix Oil we know the answer relies on going back to basics. We believe nature already provides us with what your pet needs for a healthy life. That is why Mix Oil Defense is crafted with a unique and proprietary blend of the top 10 essential oils, using only natural organic resources, that work in harmony to improve the well-being of your pet’s body and mind.

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Having a pet reminds us that we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture all life. That is why Mix Oil Defense prides itself for using only natural organic products - no nasties. Because our pets and our world deserve only the best.

Defense Mixoil - Mix Oil World
Defense Mixoil - Mix Oil World
Mix Oil Defense
Defense Mixoil - Mix Oil World
Defense Mixoil - Mix Oil World
Mix Oil Defense
Mix Oil Defense
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It all starts with your pet's digestion. Ever heard the saying ‘We are what we eat’? That's true for our pets too! With just a few sprays of Mix Oil Defense in your pet's food or water, you will boost your pet's immune system, regulate their digestion and provide them a shinier coat and healthy skin. 

 So what does this mean? 

  • Boosts your furry friend's immune system
    • Helps combat infectious diseases and acts as a natural antibiotic
    • Reduces inflammation of joints due to aging or degenerative diseases
  • Promotes healthier and regular digestion
    • Reduces bad breath and supports dental care
    • Improves smell and appearance of stool
    • Reduces unpleasant side effects of medications
    • Helps restore positive gut bacteria 
  • Improves fur and skin appearance 
    • Promotes healthier hair regrowth
    • Protect skin from seasonal allergies and supports pet's suffering from dermatitis.

Not convinced yet? Mix Oil Defense relaxing and sedative properties, have also shown results in helping pet's who suffer from stress and anxiety, So what are you waiting for you? Order Mix Oil Defense today, and replace the powders, tubes, pills, and messy containers with our innovative and practical spray bottle. 

Mix Oil Defense comes in 2 delicious natural flavors, crafted with our pet’s favorite treats in mind. 


Mix Oil is certified to the USDA ORGANIC REGULATIONS. All active ingredients are in accordance with EC 1831/2003 and its improvements related to the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe). They are safe for pets to consume without side effects and are ideal for senior dogs and cats.

Suggested dose

  • 1ml for every 100g of food
  • 5ml for every liter of water
  • 1ml = 5 sprays

Tips for using Mix Oil Defense for the first time:

  • Apply 1 – 3 sprays to your furry friend’s food or water. It is important to allow your pet to smell and taste the food/water with Mix Oil Defense and become familiar with it. Your pet will typically create a positive bond with Mix Oil Defense within the first 2 – 3 applications 
  • Like us, our pets prefer some flavors more than others.  The different natural flavors in Mix Oil Defense are entirely subjective and vary with each pet. 
  • For best results, use daily.
  • If your pet does not like the flavor you’ve chosen, please let us know by sending an email to so we may offer a different flavor.

Can I use Mix Oil Defense on puppies and kittens?

MIX OIL is a 100% natural and safe product that can be used without the restriction of age, size, or condition.

What type of food can I add Mix Oil Defense?

Mix Oil Defense’s oily consistency, mixes well with any type, quality and preference of food. Our furry friends can also enjoy it in their water as it enhances its flavor, making it more enticing for the pets who struggle with keeping hydrated.

Does Mix Oil Defense help make my pet’s food taste better?

Mix Oil Defense notably enhances the taste of your pet’s food. Making it especially helpful for when pets are struggling to eat due to other medicinal treatment or age.

Does Mix Oil Defense improve the quality of my pet’s food?

Mix Oil Defense does not improve the quality of food but it significantly increases the assimilation of its nutrients, promoting better absorption at the intestinal level.

Can my pet use Mix Oil while undergoing other medical treatment?

Mix Oil Defense can help your pet during the medical treatment prescribed by your trusted veterinarian, enhancing the effects of the medicines you are providing. It is also advisable to use it as preventive medical treatment, to strengthen your pet’s immune system.

Can I apply Mix Oil Defense directly to the skin?

Mix Oil Defense has an oily consistency and can be easily absorbed through the dermis of our pet. While we have had numerous positive feedback about its topical use, our recommendation for its daily use, is for it to be administered with food and/or water.

How long does it take to see results?

With the daily use of Mix Oil Defense, results can be observed in the medium and long term (14 - 20 days). However, please remember that every pet is different and timings might change accordingly.

What happens if I give my pet more than the recommended dose?

Mix Oil Defense is a product with a wide user safety margin, showing no side effects up to 10 times the suggested dose on a day. This allows for it to be used in different doses according to your pet’s needs and conditions. If you have any questions for the exact dose to be used on your pet, please don't hesitate to message us directly at

Can its continuous use produce long-term toxicity?

As a natural product, Mix Oil Defense is eliminated from the animal’s body through their digestive and urinary system, always in combination with a good feeding. Mix Oil Defense was created especially for pets and is 100% safe for their continuous use.

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Provide our pets with safe, natural, sustainable and functional products to improve their quality of life, from the moment they are born, until the day we must say goodbye. We want to be there to support their body and mind.